Make conversations with your child about sexuality happen in 2018.

In Sydney Australia (where I live) the week has arrived! After a long summer break, parents are preparing for their children to return to school. It is a time of new beginnings, full of mixed emotions, excitement or even apprehension (just to name a few).

Let’s make 2018 a fresh start in our conversations too about sexuality with our children, however you feel or whatever you have said or done in the past. Let’s hit that ‘refresh’ button and make it a year of new possibilities, conscious conversations and building relationships so that the potential to talk about sexuality happens each and every day.

Each child is an individual, they have different personalities, questions, understanding and maturity. Let’s celebrate each child’s individual uniqueness and talk about sexuality at their level.

Sexuality education is not about a ‘one off, one-way scary, pushy, conversation’. It’s about the building of relationships, for honest and informative lifelong conversations. So, as we begin another school year, let's keep the focus on the daily opportunities that arise when we are watching TV or driving our children to sport. By talking about the ads about tampons on the radio or TV, or how the teacher at school has a baby inside of her, or why your son or daughter has started being more than friends with friends or what the words in a song actually mean, or what two people half naked hugging on a billboard has to do with buying a pair of jeans. In our daily talks together let’s also include meaningful chats about consent, pleasure, respect (of our own bodies and others), choices, relationships and intimacy, our personal values and our faith. Remember sexuality is social, personal, physical, emotional and spiritual. Let’s start afresh and make the often challenging conversations around sexuality in 2018 happen!