Conversation starters Questions to ask your child around the topic of sexuality?

Sometimes… well most of the time it’s awkward when we talk around the topic of sex, and we don’t always know what to ask our children, especially when your child does not ask you any questions and you feel embarrassed. Here are some questions to get you started. Of course they will not apply to every child as they are at different ages and stages. You can also add your own. Just remember the ‘kiss’ rule (keep it simple stupid) and try not to look like you are really embarrassed or disapproving, even if you are!!! (or be real and tell them you are embarrassed).

How do you think babies are made?

Did you know that there are 2 ways that a baby can be made?

Do you know where babies live and grow and how they are born? (or come out of a woman’s body)

Can you name the private parts of your body?

Do you know what the word puberty means and what changes happen when you go through it?

Do you know anyone that is going through puberty at school? How can you tell?

Do you know what a condom does?

What do you think the word sex means?

Why do you think that people have sex?

Have you ever heard of the word consent?

Do you think it’s important to have a relationship with someone before you have sex with them?

What makes a healthy or unhealthy relationship?

Do you know what gender means and gender diversity?

Do you know what pornography is?

Do you know what transgender means?

Do you know what STD stands for?

Do you know what PMS stands for?

What age do you think you should have sex?

What is safe sex?

What is a homophobia?

Have you heard of sexting?