Where to talk to your child about sex?

I’m driving along with my son in the car and we are listening to the radio and a song is playing about sex. I might say “Hey do you know what he is singing about” At home we often watch ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’ together as a family and I sometimes ask my children things like; ‘Do you think it’s okay to date and kiss more than one woman/man at a time?’, ‘Do you think it’s important to get to know someone well before you marry or commit to them, or to have sex with them?’

Opportunities come up all the time and when you least expect them. I often get asked …Where do you chat with your children about sex? The answer is simple, in everyday life you will find opportunities, especially if you look out for them. Television holds endless opportunities, advertising, various series and movies. Often, it’s in everyday life situations and spending time with your children, like on road-trips or taking your child to school or weekend sports game. Just chatting, listening to music, watching an ad or seeing a billboard or any other form of media. You might read an article from the paper about abuse to an older child or talk about someone you see or know who is pregnant or getting married, or even asking questions about what happens at school (a girl kissed a boy etc).

Many parents think that the sexual content in TV, movies, and magazines, goes over kids’ heads.  Even if kids don’t look like they are paying attention, they pick up a surprising amount of sex education, much of it inappropriate, from the media. And they are exposed to this from a very early age.  When kids are exposed to sexual scenes, humour or information, they need their parents to help them understand what it means.

So let the conversations begin, wherever you are!!