The big P word…

  1. And I don’t mean PENIS…

I mean PORN and yes I believe, it’s dangerous..

What is pornography?

Definition (The English Oxford Dictionary):

Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

Research says that the average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 11. 

(and getting younger)

The most frequent consumers of pornography are young heterosexual males aged between 12 and 17 but 99% of Males have seen porn by the age of 15 and many females too.

Pornography is definitely not just a male problem.

So why is it dangerous?

The experts say:

Technology has changed. It’s not like it used to be (ie: not just finding a porn magazine under your girlfriend’s father’s bed like I’s everywhere and can be easily accessed because of the internet.)

1.     It’s free.

It’s on most social media. It’s incredibly easy to download and access, and does not cost anything. Kids can access it on smart phones even if their parents have filters and protective software on other family computers and devises.

2.     It’s anonymous.

You don’t have to tell anyone. Just google ‘sex’ or any other word and find out for yourself. (This is very appealing, especially to young people)

3.     It can be addictive.

Once you see it you can’t un-see it, and …everyone is different, the way they react is different. Some kids and adults too just want to see more and then more and then it gets more graphic the more you want. It can be like any addiction really eg alcohol, coffee or food.

  .. Maree Crabbe, joint leader of a program called ‘Reality and Risk’ writes: “The result is a form of pornography which has become more aggressive, more outrageous, more dangerous in order to be noticed. Explicit pornography has become the norm on the internet. It is known as gonzo porn, and it is directly affecting the sexuality of our kids.”

 In other words, sex can be without consent or safety, or pleasure, aggressive in nature, degrading of women, particularly in an unbalance of power, and showing that it’s fine outside of the context of a consensual relationship or any form of loving intimacy.

Is this what you want your kids to think that sex is all about?

No thanks, not me.

So let’s educate our children about what sex really means before PORNOGRAPHY does.