Girls Girls Girls


It’s International Women’s Day 2019 and the UN theme is ‘Think Equal, Build smart, Innovate for Change’ …isn’t that amazing! All genders are equal but in many societies woman are still discriminated against, with sex education not even considered. Many people believe that woman’s education is a key factor to change and ongoing health, success and flourishing.

As a family we have a charity in Northern India and this is definitely the case there. Each year Project Help India holds a woman’s conference which aims to empower and educate woman to have strength value and purpose, value themselves and change their communities. Many woman who we educate have no idea about the whole topic of sex education and if they did !! WOW! Not only would their health change but their families and wider communities would change for the better too.

For starters once they get their periods they would know why, how and what to do. This could help them go to school as many drop out when they get their periods. They would know that menopause is normal and what happens when they go through it. Contraception, hygiene, consent, healthy relationships, body safety and boundary education would certainly change their lives. Education in woman’s health has changed over the years. Historically life was more difficult, woman became wives and mothers a lot earlier, as well as contracting diseases with earlier mortality rates. Many woman in the past were not concerned about old age because they did not reach it.

So, what’s my point….wherever you live, whoever you are, let’s change the world by educating our girls when it comes to sex education!!! The possibilities are endless. Today we honour and celebrate all the amazing woman around the world!