Every child is an individual and has their own set of unique circumstances. Each child will have their own reading level, questions, interests and understandings, family values, culture and faith background. A child’s physical and emotional maturity will also differ. With this in mind, ‘Amazing Me’ therefore does not necessarily recommend books for specific ages, or specifically for girls and boys. Some teens for example (and me also ☺) love to read simple picture books. Some 8 year old girls for example, may have their periods and some boys will appreciate reading and learning about girls. Other children love all the details even if they do not immediately understand all of the content. The interests, questions, reading age and comprehension ability of all individuals is broad, therefore, it is up to you to choose carefully.

Reading Rocks!

Your selection will also be determined should you wish to read the book to your child. Remember reading books with your child, no matter what age, strengthens their relationship with you and makes you a parent that your child knows can talk to about not only sexuality, but have other difficult conversations too.

The following topics and categories are included in the selections below;

Puberty, sex, IVF, family diversity (fostering and adoption), gender diversity, child protection, parenting children with special needs, health and hygiene, pornography, cyber-safety, Parent Guides for all topics (help with how to talk to children about sex and other challenging topics), Christian and other religious books.

It’s your decision

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