“It is always a pleasure to have Rowena come and present sex education programs at our school. She quickly puts parents and children at ease with her friendly and vibrant nature. Rowena empowers children to ask questions and equips parents by providing a safe and inclusive environment to discuss personal development and sexual reproduction. Her engaging and age appropriate presentation is thorough and we love that she goes that extra mile to educate from a perspective that supports the ethos of our College. “
— Martin Telfer, Deputy Principal of St Philips Christian CollegeCessnock
“The ‘Amazing Me’ sex education program was run in our school this year with much success. Rowena facilitated a 3 session Year 6 program that empowered and educated our students around their bodies, puberty, relationships, reproduction and wise decisions. She was informative and fun, yet sensitive and inclusive; taking the time to get to know the students. I highly recommend ‘Amazing Me’.
— Ashley Bennet – Lakes Grammar – Year 6 Teacher
“We have been running the ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs in our school for years (both the day and evening programs) and they are an asset to our school. The teachers, parents and students are educated and empowered each year around the topics of bodies, body safety, puberty, relationships and sex. Rowena is a phenomenal presenter and I highly recommend her.”
— Joseph Bruscino-Assistant Principal, Boronia Park Public School
“There are very few occasions when I receive so many thanks and so much appreciation for organising a school event. Both our student and parents were full of praise for your Amazing Me presentation, communication skills, and the clear and respectful way you discussed the issues of personal development, sex education, growth and change.”
— Peter Slattery, Director of the Macdonald College Junior School)
“Rowena’s ‘Amazing Me’ talks are engaging and entertaining. Her flexible, warm and funny approach leaves both parents and children feeling confident, normal, empowered and prepared. They open the door for conversations between parents and children and are a strong addition to any School’s Sex Ed program.”
— Lisa Tohver, Teacher at Rozelle Public School
“Our girls at Ravenswood came with mixed feelings to the Amazing Me night. They walked away feeling content and excited about the future, knowing that they are unique and special. Thank you for creating a conversation that will definitely be talked about in our school and girls’ homes for a long time.”
— Tom Pyle, PDHPE Department at Ravenswood School for Girls
“Amazing Me was up front, honest, open, entertaining and ever so relevant for our students. It provided a wonderful springboard for discussion helping to build trusting, loving, respecting and responsible relationships. Thank you Rowena see you next year!”
— Emily Edwards, PYP & Gifted and Talented Facilitator at St Andrews Cathedral School
“I highly recommend the “Amazing Me” presentation and program. Rowena Thomas is a superb presenter who facilitates an engaging and appropriately sensitive approach to what can be a difficult subject for some. Parents, boys and staff were quickly put at ease and their feedback indicates they were most appreciative of the manner in which the content was presented.”
— John Crerar, Head of Scots College Junior School
“The Amazing Me evenings that we have hosted have grown in popularity due to Rowena’s wonderful communication skills and her high levels of professionalism.”
— Tania Thompson, Counsellor (Junior School) at St Lukes Dee Why
“I will be forever grateful to Amazing Me. This has made a difficult conversation with my children about sex much easier for my husband and I. Thank you Rowena “
— Parent
“As a single dad of a 10 year old and 8 year old ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs in schools exceeded my expectations. I was not at all confident and now I am as the conversation has already started.”
— Parent
“I was more nervous than my child but I came away from ‘Amazing Me’ encouraged to make the talk about sex an everyday conversation.”
— Parent
“Amazing Me was a great presentation with lots of facts and humour.
I’m reasonably open with my 11 year old son but you have filled in so many gaps - thanks.”
— Parent
“The ‘Amazing Me’ sex education program at our school was pitched at just the right level for my Year 5 child. To quote him ‘It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.”
— Parent
“Rowena’s talk was funny, frank and factual.  It has initiated conversations with our 10 year old boy about the facts of life and given him an appreciation of how amazing his body is.  I would highly recommend Rowena and her Amazing Me talks and regularly tell friends how great it was.  They would like to hear her speak to their children too.”
— Parent
“Even though parts of ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs at our school were gross I learnt a lot.”
— Student
“After having ‘Amazing Me’ I am now not as nervous as I know that Puberty is normal and I feel much more prepared.”
— Student
“Having ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs at our school made me and my friends feel weird at first, but I am now not as nervous as I know that sex education is important to know about.”
— Student
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— Jonathan L.