AMAZING ME specialises in providing parents, educators and children with positive and empowering day and evening sex education programs in Primary Schools. AMAZING ME has been explaining the ‘facts of life’ for over 20 years. Each AMAZING ME program is sensitively adapted to suit the needs and ethos of your school. 


The AMAZING ME programs support the education outcomes in any state and can be easily used to support an already existing curriculum in any school.

The AMAZING ME presentations can be flexible and can be modified to suit the specific needs of your school community and target audience.

All of the AMAZING ME programs work towards reinforcing the important message that we are all incredible, different, diverse yet AMAZING!

AMAZING ME programs support Stage 2 and Stage 3 NSW NESA Personal Development syllabus outcomes.

Rowena Thomas - Amazing Me

The facilitator of AMAZING ME Rowena Thomas is a primary school teacher, with more than 25 years experience in sexuality education. Rowena understands the many complexities and challenges when talking about sex at different stages in a child’s life because she has been there herself as a mother of three. Rowena is passionate when talking about sex and puberty with the goal that helpful conversations will be started and continued, that puberty is ‘normalised’, relationships enriched and strengthened and as a result wise choices are made in the future. The AMAZING ME programs are humourous, sensitive, engaging, straight to the point, open and honest. Rowena’s strengths lie in facilitating a lively and uninhibited presentation providing an informative interactive program for all. Children, parents/carers and teachers listen, talk, laugh and learn together in a relaxed and open atmosphere. They are encouraged to respect themselves and others, to celebrate differences and diversity, to be self confident and have a greater understanding of their body during puberty. 


“I highly recommend the ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs. Rowena facilitates two programs at Trinity Grammar School. One for Year 3 about Child Protection issues and another for our Year 5 students about bodies, reproduction and puberty.”

— Richard Lever -Deputy Master of Trinity Grammar School Preparatory School
“As a mother... talking about the facts of life can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you say? My son and I were nervous about the program but it has changed the way we talk about these subjects. It’s a normal part of life so we talk about it like it’s normal. I am so thankful I attended AMAZING ME.”
— Parent
“I really didn’t want to go to AMAZING ME. I was nervous, but I’m really happy I did because I learnt a lot and I am not nervous anymore. I feel good and it’s going to be ok.”
— Student

More than ever, children must be prepared for the world they are growing up in. They are never too young to be given age appropriate building blocks and foundations for making wise, informed decisions about their bodies, friendships and peer relations. Schools working in partnership with parents and Amazing Me are a great place for this to happen.

Where, when, how and why should we talk to our children about sex and puberty? AMAZING ME is the answer!

You are Amazing! Amazing Me